Debian 6.0.5 Review/Screenshots

I have finally made the switch to Debian 6.0.5. There were multiple reasons for this shift. It is the parent distro of Ubuntu, the OS that I love the most. Secondly, it is a very robust system and has proven its reliability in many fields, even the aerospace industry. Unlike Ubuntu, which is limited to Desktops, Laptops and Servers, Debian also supports all kinds of weird platforms, like mobile phones, even though the official documentation for that is not very comprehensive at the moment.

Debian is massive. But you only need the first CD (or first DVD) to install it. The others are basically bundled repositories. However, I recommend going for either the first DVD or the live USB. The first CD does not have network manager, which is a huge pain.

Package management on Debian is going to be easy, with aptitude. The process is not much different from Ubuntu.

I chose to download the first DVD, since I have a fast broadband.

Install/First Run

Installation was really easy. Debian still uses GNOME 2. A BIG BIG plus in my book. If you have been subscribed to my blog, you must have noticed that I don’t like GNOME 3. The cloud type interface has taken away the spirit of Linux. I love Linux because I am geeky, and those new desktops like Unity and GNOME 3 have not been able to impress me.


Clear fonts. I didn’t have to change anything. Looks beautiful as anything.


So far, NO crash at all. An extremely stable operating system. After all, it is the parent OS of Ubuntu.


Software Management is similar to Ubuntu, so no comments needed. It is superb.

Overall rating: 10/10 from my side. The best distro I have tried ever.







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